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About Us

Pantry Perch was born out of the belief that sustainable local development can benefit greatly from sustained global support. 

We believe that quality and authentic local products deserve a wider market. Having travelled to rural and remote locales of developing countries and established relations with communities, it is clear that while market access and marketing support is vital for locally produced products, ensuring the trust of these producers is just as essential.

For us at Pantry Perch, selling a product isn't just about making a quick buck, but investing in societies.

We present an array of curated products whose producers not only provide employment to local communities, but also wider development of their societies.

Kun Anta! is one such brand that we support, as it sets aside 10% of its net income to social and humanitarian programs in Indonesia.

Do partake in this journey with us, as we progressively engage more local producers. For more updates by connecting with us on Instagram @pantryperchliving

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